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My 3Doodler seems to be blocked/jammed. How do I unjam it?

1. Turn the pen on and wait for the light to change from Red to either: Blue for ABS or Green for PLA

2. Feed a new strand of plastic into the 3Doodler

3. Attempt to feed the plastic through on the “Fast” setting, and give the plastic a gentle push if it encounters a blockage.

4. If this does not work your pen may be blocked. Try unscrewing the nozzle counter-clockwise with a wrench while the pen is hot (when the light is either blue or green) to check for a blockage in the tube or in the tip.

5. Blockages in the tube can be pulled out or pushed back and reversed through the pen using the two button reverse function.

6. If all that still doesn’t help, get in touch with our customer service and we’ll investigate further.

Posted in: Maintenance & Troubleshooting