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Official Approval from Major Sight Loss Charity, RNIB

Official Approval from Major Sight Loss Charity, RNIB

When 3Doodler first brought its 3D printing pen to market, the company was inundated with feedback from people who are blind or partially sighted, or who work with those communities. Teachers of blind students were particularly engaged, envisioning ways to work with their students to instantly create tactile graphics they could touch and feel. The feedback they received led to specific changes to the 3D printing pens – such as lower heat and tactile buttons – to make them easier and safer for people with sight loss to use.

“We took the feedback to heart,” said 3Doodler President Daniel Cowen. “We got so many requests from 3Doodler users with sight loss and teachers of blind students, we started calling up organizations to explore how we could work with the sight loss community to make our 3D pen work better for them.”

RNIB Steve Tyler, Head of Strategy at RNIB said: “RNIB was pleased to work with 3Doodler and impressed by their commitment to making the pen accessible and usable for people with sight loss. The pen will have uses in education and also for fun and creativity enabling blind and partially sighted children and adults to create tactile drawings and models.”

The latest version of the 3Doodler START now includes tactile buttons to help those with sight loss more easily locate the stop and start buttons and the on/off buttons. Feedback from the testing phase of the official RNIB study led to the development of new audio instructions, accessible through the 3Doodler website, in order to help users get started and orient the pens for 3D drawing.