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Sara Berti 3Doodler workshop

Sara Berti 3Doodler workshop

Sara Berti is a renowned Italian sculptor and her work can be seen at many European museums. Sara’s work is unique and displays an array of artistic techniques incorporated innovatively. For some of her latest designs, Sara has used the 3Doodler – the world’s first 3d printing pen. PRECISE Group saw this as a great opportunity to showcase how 3D printing can be integrated in design. The 3Doodler workshop was held in 1971 Design Space in Sharjah where 40 participants registered to learn how to design in 3D with the 3Doodler.

Sara shared many tips, tricks and techniques for using 3D in design, giving the participants hands-on experience to create 3D art. All the doodles created by the participants were merged together by Sara, and it will be displayed at the 1971 Design Space, Sharjah.

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7 June Sara Berti 3Doodler workshop1

7 June Sara Berti 3Doodler workshop2